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1968, 5 February

Printer: Format International Security Printers
Designer: Unknown
Sheet Size: Se-tenant block of 8 with a border on two sides
Perf.: 11

The stamps were issued in se-tenant horizontal blocks of eight, with two blocks in each sheet. Each sheet had a perforated decorative border along the top and right side, consisting of a cartoon-like image of archaeological pillars, flowers and the sun. The design and colors do not compliment the stamps and destroy the overall image. The left border was white, as was the bottom. Across the bottom is printed "Format International Security Printers Ltd London England". The postal announcement states, "In the event of two sets being purchased, a decorative border forming the two sets into a souvenir sheet is included without extra charge."

The stamps were also printed in individual sheets for each stamp, measuring 5 x 5. Thes sheets exist CTO with a cancelation with no date.

21 March - Arab Mother's Day, 1968

13 November - Goya Paintings

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