1963, 15 June

Printer: N.C.R., Joseph Chaloub
Designer: M. M. Arthur
Sheet Size: 10 x 20
Perf: 12 x 12

Unlike the definitives, the airmails were printed on ordinary gummed paper due to the expense of the special paper used for the definitives. They are an attractive set and good color combinations were used. Like the definitives, the issue was "played with" and unusual varieties were created and sold on the side. Also, like the definitives, it was necessary to purchase a minimum of ten sets before one could purchase an imperforate set. As with the imperforate definitives and postage dues, it is claimed that only 2,000 sets were created. A second color trial was created for the 20np value, but was eventually rejected. The stamp (perforated) was sold by the Dubai Philatelic Agency and is often sold as having the "wrong" colors. The stamp is illustrated below in the perforated varieties created by Mr. Stephan and Mr. Mosden. No genuine errors are known for this airmail set. Fake errors exist but are easily detected with a little knowledge. These were all created in the early 2000s and consist of a fake image printed on either the front, or the reverse of a genuine stamp.

Set of 8

Set of 8

The following applies to both the perf. and imperf. sets.
SS: None
CTO: None
Plate Numbers: None
FDC: One cover for each set of perforated stamps and one for the imperforated. Both are a large horizontal envelope with no cachet, but many have the wording "Government of Dubai" in red in Arabic and English in the center top of the envelope.


The following illustrations of the First Airmail stamps were all created for the philatelic market and were sold by Mr. Stephan and Mr. Mosden through the Dubai Philatelic Agency. They were not sent to the Dubai Post Office and were not sold there.



First Postage Dues

First Definitives

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