Fourth Definitives - Falcons and Dhows

1967, 12 August

Printer: Bradbury Wilkinson
Designer: Uninown
Sheet Size:
Perf.: 13 1/2 and 11 1/2

The new definitive set was released to replace the previous definitive set, to which the new currency overprint had been applied. It is attractively designed with appropriate subject matter, as the falcon and dhow played an important role in Middle Eastern culture and history.

The set was released with two sizes of stamps. The lower denominations were smaller in size and contain an attractive portrait of the Ruler with a Lanner falcon. The larger stamps portray an Arab dhow, with a smaller panel with sailers at the lines.

All stamps were printed in two colors. The smaller sized stamps have the values and the Arabic word for postage in a second color. Those portraying the dhow, have the dhow in the second color.

25 September - Scout Jamboree, Idaho

10 July - Rubens Paintings

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