International Cooperation Year 1966

1966, 5 November

Printer: Harrison & Sons
Designer: Victor Whiteley
Sheet Size: 2 x 5
Perf. 13 1/2 x 14 1/2 and imperf.,
Souvenir Sheet: imperf.

The stamps were issued se-tenant in 5 miniture sheets of 10. The pair with Kennedy and the Ruler of Qatar are the only two to be issued se-tenant with different colored backgrounds. Additionally, the sheet is slightly taller than the other three. All other sheets contain se-tenant pairs of two subjects, but have the same color background: Kennedy (brown) and Ruler of Qatar (green); Wilson (purple) and Helou (purple); de Gaulle (red/orange) and Nasser (red/orange): Ruler of Bahrain (blue/green) and Johnson (blue/green); and Faisal (blue) and the Pope (blue).

13 November - Gemini Space Rendevous

Third Definitives - New Currency Overprint

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