Outer Space Telecommunications

1971, 21 June

Printer: Format International Security Printers
Designer: Victor Whiteley
Sheet Size: 5 x 10
Perf.: 14

The set of three stamps was issued to commemorate the Outer Space Tellecomunications Congress held in Paris between March 29 through April 2 1971.

The major concerns of the congress was the establishment of an organization for the introduction and maintenance of a European satellite system and to try to improve world communication.

60 dirhams - A globe showing Europe, Africa and the Middle East and four communication satellites.

1 Riyal - An image of Europe from space and a rocket, a sattelite and tracking stations.

5 Riyals - The Eiffel Tower and a sattelite dish.


30 August - 13th World Scout Jamboree - Japan

15 May - Dubai Airport

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