U.S. Moon Landing

1969, 15 December

Printer: Format International Security Printers, Ltd.
Designer: Victor Whiteley
Sheet Size: 3 x 4 and 8 x 4 (Center stamp- unknown)
Perf.: 14 1/2

To commemorate the first manned landing on the moon on the 21st of July, 1969, by the Apollo astronauts, a set of three stamps - issued as a tryptiche, were released. The center stamp is an airmail stamp and the largest (horizontally) of the three and portrays the two astronauts and the Lunar Lander. The stamps on each side of the center stamp are vertical in design.

The stamps were also released in individual sheets. No mention of this is made in the postal announcement, which only mentions the tryptiche. The announcement originally had a date of 15th November, 1969 for the release date but "November" was crossed out by hand and "Dec." written above it.

A complete mint miniature sheet of the stamps was the most difficult of all Dubai stamps for me to find. I searched for years for one before being able to purchase it. Complete miniature sheets of the CTO sheet are also illusive.

It is more common to see the three stamps offered as three separate stamps, as a set, than the se-tenant strip. That is most likely because of larger quantities of the stamps having been printed in individual sheets. When it is offered as a strip, they are generally Cancelled To Order.

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