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All of the following posters are on standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, with the exception of two that are slightly smaller. Many of them were non-professionally created and have awkward layout and artwork, whereas others are exceptionally well done. Steven Hashimoto created the posters that list him as a performer.
To me they are fascinating and I am always searching for them to add to my collection. Many of these are for Chicago musicians and Chicago venues. Since I live in Illinois these are easier for me to find. It never ceases to surprise me where I find them and who has owned them. Frequently they are given to me as the person is not a jazz fan, does not know where they came from, and was going to toss them out. Some of these have stains on them or small tears and wrinkles, but once they are archivally mounted most of these blemishes dissappear. The only problem with some of them is the "foxing" (yellowing of parts of the paper).

Art Ensemble of Chicago Posters

Posters of Art Ensemble Members

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