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Dates of Usage: ca.1972 - ca. 2008 (?)
All cigarettes were taxed. The long thin stamps were for the smaller normal sized "biri" cigarettes and the shorter, wider stamp for the filtered cigarettes. The numbers printed on the stamps are not the value of the stamp, but the number of cigarettes in the pack.

1972 (?)

Long, narrow, horizontal stamp
Harrison and Sons, England
Perf. 12

*25 Cigarettes - purple and pink
*a. missing pink

1975 (?)

Long, narrow, horizontal stamp.
Printer: Bangladesh Security Printing, Bangladesh
Perf. 12

*25 Cigarettes - green and pink
a. missing green color

YEAR (?)

Long, narrow, horizontal stamp.
Printer: Bangladesh Security Printing, Bangladesh
Perf. 12 and rouletted

*25 Cigarettes - blue, purple and green



Short, taller stamp with foil. For filtered cigarettes.
Perf.: perf or roulette (?)

*20 Cigarettes - pink, blue and foil


Long, narrow, horizontal stamp. Has number 012007 on the stamp.
Perf. Not known if it is perforated or rouletted.


*10 Cigarettes - blue and green
*a. imperforate
*10 Cigarettes - pink and brown
*a. imperforate
*a. missing pink color
a. imperforate


Long, narrow, horizontal stamp with foil and number 012008 printed on it.
Perf: rouletted (?)

*10 Cigarettes - pink, brown and foil

YEAR (?)

Cigarette banderole, stamp printing suspended
Govt decides to explore ways to cut printing cost
Jump to full article: Dhaka Daily Star (bd), 2002-07-10

The printing of cigarette banderole and stamp has been suspended as the authorities have decided to explore the avenues to cut the present printing cost of their production.
Official sources said a three-member probe committee comprising representatives from National Board of Revenue (NBR), Finance Ministry and Security Printing Press will probe the matter. It will submit its reports within a week recommending to the authorities whether it would be viable to change the present system of printing.
The committee has been formed following a proposal from the board of Security Printing Press for introducing an open tender system for printing cigarette banderole and stamps that might reduce the cost of printing them.
The introduction of banderole and stamp system on cigarette packs has so far produced a very good impact on the revenue collection

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