The following illustrations are of quotations from Harrison & Sons, Limited of England, to the Government of Bangladesh, responding to requests for quotations for the printing of revenue stamps and stamp papers. These documents were disposed of by the Bangladesh Government and saved by a "junk" dealer, who recognized their importance.

The quotations all date from 26 September 1986 and it does not appear that any of the quotations resulted in a contract with Harrison for printing any of these stamps. There were individual quotations for each stamp, or set of stamps, as the Bangladesh Government could accept one proposal, but reject another. While Harrison did print some Court Fee stamps there are no other known revenue stamps printed by them. That is not to say there weren't any, only that there is no documentation proving otherwise at this point in time. Unfortunately, it has not been documented who printed many of the revenue stamps.

Adhesive Court Fee Stamps

B.R.L. (Bangladesh Radio License)

Driving License Stamps

Foreign Bill Stamps

Insurance Stamps

Motor Vehicle Fine Stamps

Motor Vehicle Tax Stamps

Notorial Stamps

Revenue Stamps

Share Transfer Stamps

Paper Sample for Adhesive Court Fee and Revenue Stamps

Paper Sample for Share Transfer, Motor Tax, Driving License, MV Fine, BRL, Notorial, Insurance and Foreign Bill Stamps

Stamp Papers

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