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These stamps are confusing to understand. At one point the same stamps were being used for Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Tax. They could be found on both documents. Later the same design was used for the Vehicle Tax stamps and no longer was used for Vehicle Registration. Around 1990 new stamps appeared that are listed in the Barefoot catalog under Vehicle Registration, but they have been found on Vehicle Test Fee documents. I have listed them under Vehicle Text Fee stamps until this is clarified.

Dates of Usage:


Side profile of a truck, within a circle of ray on a white background that is shield-like in appearance, surrounded by a geometric pattern.

Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:

*Tk.10 - breen, blue and black Other values may exist.


All issues show a side view of a truck. Chalky paper
Perf.: 14

Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:


Tk.7.5 - purple
Tk.8 - blue
*Tk.100 - light blue and black

YEAR (?)

The following four stamps are seldom seen, although several copies are known to be in the hands of collectors. Yers ago Mr. Arefin Khan purchased a set from the Post Office and the clerk stamped "SPECIMEN" on them as the cost was so high (They had a total face value of Tk.17,000), and he paid considerably less for them. It is believed that these stamps were not issued and the clerk intentionally sold them from a book he should not have. These illustrations are from another source. The Tk.10,000 stamp is the most expensive revenue stamp seen from Bangladesh, whether it was issued or not.


*Tk.1,000 - pink and black
*Tk.1,000 - red and black
*Tk.5,000 - pink and black
*Tk.10,000 - green, pink and blue

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