The First Issue - 15 June 1963

The "Dhow"issue - 21 November 1963

The First Scout Issue - 29 March 1964

Reprinted Scout issue - same colors (Date unknown)

Once it was realized that Scout issue was popular with collectors, and a great deal of money could be made from it, the three different values were reprinted with slight differences in the images. In addition, on the flap where the instructions for folding the aerogramme were printed, the line "FIRST FOLD HERE", due to the broken final "E" in "HERE" now reads "FIRST FOLD HERF". While the letter looks like an "F", it is really a broken "E". To complicate matters more, some of the reprints do have "HERE" with the letter "E", before it was broken. Thousands were reprinted and for years Mr. Mosden offered large lots of them for sale. He often told dealers that it was the last of them, even though he had thousands more. He laughed when describing that they printed and sold them without gum on the flap.

Views of Dubai - 1 October, 1964

Second Scout Issue (New colors) - 7 December 1964

Educational Progress - 23 October 1965

Waterfowl - 17 September 1966

The Apsley Air Letter - 1966-67

Falcoln Aerogramme (Small envelope) - Date of issue unknown - 1967

Falcon Aerogramme (Large) - Date of issue unknown - 1970?

Arab Postal Union Aerogramme - Date of issue unknown - 1971

Created "Errors"

New Heading

Postal Cards

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