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Boy Scouts - Athens

1964, 20 January

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer: Archam Tcheterian
Sheet Size: 2np and 30np - 8 x 10,
all others - 5 x 10
Perf: 12 plus five imperf. SSs

The decision to issue stamps with a Boy Scout theme was a wise choice for the Dubai Philatelic Agency as there are many topical collectors who specialize in Scouting stamps. Additionally, many Scouts collect the stamps for a few years before they lose interest in stamp collecting. To capitalize on this market they issued a set of ten stamps and five souvenir sheets. Surprisingly, there are virtually only a handful of items created for the philatelic market from this issue. Huge quantities were printed and it is doubtful that there was a need to reprint them. Mr. Mosden never mentioned the stamps being reprinted.

Due to the popularity of the Boy Scout theme, they also issued a set of three aerogrammes with three of the same stamp images on them. When they proved to sell rapidly, they reissued them again, in different colors. The first set of aerogrammes were reprinted and many varieties were created and sold by the Agency. The second printing is easy to discern and more information can be found in the section of this catalog on the postal stationery.

With the stamps and the aerogrammes selling well, they release a set of three postal cards with the same images as the stamps and aerogrammes. When they sold well, a second set of two Postal Cards were printed on different colored card stocks. The second set of Postal Cards are plentiful, but the first set is illusive and expensive, especially the First Day Covers.






With the Scouting theme being a popular topic with topical collectors and Scouts, it was inevitable that the forger and creator of fraudulent material in Lebanon would turn his attention to the early Scout stamps of Dubai. Sometime around the year 2000 Dubai items began to appear in Internet auctions that had not been seen previously. Below are some of the Scout stamps that were created and can still be found in the auctions and offered by unknowling dealers who purchsed them for resale.

The following Scout sheets were not produced for the Dubai Post Office, nor for the Dubai Philatelic Agency. According to Mr. Stephan they were made at the Helio Electronic Press as publicity items for the press. After many years they are surfacing and being sold as proofs. Mr. Stephen claimed he was unaware of these until the early 1980s when he purchased them from a stock holder in the press, who was also a stamp collector.




21 January - Provisionals

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