Kennedy Memorial

1964, 15 January

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer Paul Koroleff
Sheet Size: 10 x 10
Perf.: 15 and Imperforate

Dubai holds the distinction of being the first nation to issue stamps honoring President John F. Kennedy, after his assassination. The three stamps were prepared with a common design but different values and colors. A souvenir sheet was also made with the same design. Essays of earlier proposed designs for this occasion were printed and sold in the philatleic market, as were endless varieties of created errors and varieties for the issued set.

Due to the popularity of the Kennedy theme and the stamps, the set was reprinted. Mr Stephan stated there were 70,000 sets (two impressions). He would never clarify if he meant a total of 70,000 sets or if there were 140,000 sets. Due to their popularity it seems more likely that the final number should be 140,000 sets. As with the 22 NOVEMBER stamp, the first printing had guidelines in the margins, whereas the second printing did not. From the total he claimed 10,000 perforated and 2,000 imperforated sets were later overprinted "May 29".

There are at least four shades of gray for the for 1 1/4Rs value, but it does not seem possible to tie them to any particular printing.

Set of 3 plus a souvenir sheet

Rejected Design

Items Intentionally Created

Boy Scouts - Athens

Freedom from Hunger

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