Freedom from Hunger

1963, 30 December

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer: Archam Tcheterian
Sheet size: 10 x 5
Perf.: 12

As with many other nations of the world, Dubai issued a set of stamps for the Freedom from Hunger campaign. The set consists of four airmail stamps and four souvenir sheets. The souvenir sheets were not issued on the same date as the stamps as they were later surcharged with lower new values and released on 7 December, 1964. Mr. Stephan stated that 10,000 of each value of the Freedom from Humger stamps were later overprinted for the UNO 19th Anniversary issue of 10 October, 1964.

Set of 4 plus 4 SSs

SSs: See 7 December, 1964 for information regarding the sheets
CTO: None
Plate Numbers: None
FDC: Covers exist with the four stamps on a single cover with a green commemorative cancellation. The cachet was prepared by the Baroody Stamp Company


The following Freedom from Hunger sheets were not produced for the Dubai Post Office, nor for the Dubai Philatelic Agency. They were made at the Helio Electronic Press as publicity items for the press. After many years they are surfacing and being sold as proofs. Mr. Stephens himself was unaware of these until the early 1980s when he purchased them from a stock holder in the press, who was also stamp collector.

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Freedom From Hunger Souvenir Sheets