1963, 20 December

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer: Archam Tcheterian
Sheet Size: 10 x 5
Perf.: 12

To commemorate the campaign to eradicate malaria, Dubai issued a set of nine stamps and three souvenir sheets. The stamps are not recognized as part of the campaign as they were issued in 1963 and the campaign was in 1962. What is even more confusing is that they were issued on 20 December, 1963 and the date printed on the bottom of the souvenir sheets is 28 November, 1963. The most likely scenario is that the stamps were not prepared in time to meet the date printed on the sheets and were issued later.

The set consisted of three 1np values of the same design, but in differing colors, and two 2np values in a different design and differing colors. Unless the colors are indicated, it is impossible to determine to which stamp a person is referring. Again, the reason for the large set and multiple stamps of the same value was only to sell stamps as there was no postal rate using the low values. The three high values are airmail stamps.

The stamps were only issued perforated, but one or two imperforates sheets of a few values were cut into singles, pairs and blocks, and sold by Mr. Stephan and Mr. Mosden.

Evidently there was a problem with over-inking in the area of the stamp showing the value as several examples exist.

The various stamp catalogs do not list the stamps in the same order, which can pose problems if one is attempting to purchase a particular stamp. The listing below is based on the order they appear on the First Day Covers - from left to right.

The souvenir sheets were printed in different colors and a color trial exists for the 70np value.

Souvenir Sheets

Set of 9

SSs: 3 imperforate.
CTO: None
Plate Numbers: None
FDC: Complete set of singles on on large horizontal envelope with a blue commemorative cancellation. The three souvenir sheets are each on a single large envelope with a blue commemorative cancellation. The cachet for the singles and the SSs is the same and was prepared by the Baroody Stamp Company.



The following sheets were not produced for the Post Office, nor for the Dubai Philatelic Agency. They were made at the Helio Electronic Press as publicity items for the press. Mr. Stephens himself was unaware of these until the early 1980s when he purchased them from a stock holder in the press, who was also a stamp collector.

Freedom from Hunger

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