Freedom from Hungar Souvenir Sheets

1964, 7 December

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer: Archam Tcheterian
Sheet Size: N/A
Perf.: Imperforate

The four souvenir sheets for the Freedom from Hunger issue of 30 December 1963 were not issued at the same time as the set of four stamps. Some catalogs did not realze this and listed them with the stamps, or did not list them at all.

The SSs were printed in different colors than 30 December, 1963 stamps.

When asked why the sheets were released several months after the stamps, and why they were surcharged, Mr. Mosden stated, "So I could buy them cheaper." When pressed for an explanation, he said they realized the face value was too high and to make it more affordable for Mr. Stephan and him to buy them, they decided to reduce the face value. The agreement with the Government of Dubai was that Mr. Stephan could buy the stamps at a price of 15% lower than the face value. Mr. Mosden, while the American agent, did not receive any discount. The agreement was with the Baroody Stamp Company (Mr. Stephan) and did not include anyone else. The decision to have an American agent was a decision Mr. Stephan made that had nothing to do with his agreement with the Government of Dubai. Both of them purchased large quantities of mint stamps and then wholesaled them at whatever price they could get. In this case, the sheets were priced too high and it would have involved an outlay of a considerable amount of money to purchase quantities. By reducing the face value, they made them much more affordable to themselves and any customers who might be hesitant when faced with the original cost. The cost for a set of the original sheets without the surcharge would have been 9Rs 50np. With the surcharge it was 2Rs, a saving of 7Rs 60np per set.

5np on 30np - olive green and tan
a. without surcharge
b. inverted surcharge

10np on 40np - salmon and green
a. background color for block of four stamps is missing
b. without surcharge
c. inverted surcharge

15np on 70np - green and salmon
a. without surcharge
b. inverted surcharge

20np on 1R - light gray and greenish-black
a. background color for block of four stamps is missing
b. background color shifted to the right
c. inverted surcharge
d. without surcharge

As could be expected, a small quantity of sheets were held out and not surcharged. These were not given to the Dubai Government but kept by Mr. Stephan and Mr. Mosden and sold as "errors". In spite of this, there were some genuine errors for the sheets. Mr. Mosden related that he found several sheets with the surcharge inverted while going through a quantity of them. He was insistant that they had not been intentionally created.

Another genuine error is the 20np surcharge with the cream color background missing on the sheet and a variety of the same value with the background shifted to the right.

Misaligned sheets were created and are not genuine errors.

Collectors need to be aware that imperforate singles, both on cover, and off, are individual stamps cut from the sheets. There are no known imperforates of the set of stamps, previously issued, and no stamps with the surcharges.

Set of 4 SSs

CTO: None
Plate Numbers: None
FDC: Four envelopes with one sheet on each envelope. The cachet is the same as that of the set of stamps. Ordinary cancellation but in purple.


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