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Space Achievements Surcharges

1964, 5 December

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer: George Aleef
Sheet Size: 20np - 10 x 5,
10 and 30np se-tenant in a
sheet 12 x 5
Perf.: 12 and imperf.

This set of stamps is the least attractive of all the Dubai issues. The designs are very confusing visually and the surcharges are only easily read on the 10np value. The Arabic of the surcharge on the 20np value is almost impossible to find.

Both the stamps and the cachet of the first day cover were designed by Mr. George Aleef. While the cachet design is not confusing in appearance, the rockets look like huge darts, rather than rockets. The cachet for the previous space theme issue (30 November, 1964) was also designed by Mr. Aleef. The moon in that cachet looks like the moon on the 10np stamp of this set.

The original values were 75np, 1.50Rs, and 2Rs and they were not issued as originally printed. Due to the high face value of the set, the stamps were surcharged with new vales of 10np, 20np, and 30np. Although the stamps were not issued without the surcharges, they are readily found on the market without it. They were revalued to make it more affordable for Mr. Mosden to purchase them. Mr. Mosden claims that he and his uncle Fuad Darwish purchased this set, the 19th Anniversary of the UNO, and the Kennedy 22 NOVEMBER issues in their entirety, but did leave a few sheets in the Post Office. He also claimed they paid a fee to a government official for the opportunity to purchase them. Mr. Stephan totally denied this.

The stamps of this set are never found commercially used although a few philatelic covers were sent to both Mr. Mosdena nd Mr. Stephan.

The 10np and 30np stamps were printed together in one sheet with the 30np on the left and the 10np on the right. The sheets had five horizontal rows of six stamps of one design on the left and six on the right, making twelve stamps per horizontal row. There was no gutter between the two designs, thus stamps number six and number seven are different and create se-tenant pairs. Consequently, the pairs are less plentiful than the individual stamps. The second FDC illustrated below is a pair of these stamps, as does the illustration at the top of this page..

This was the last set produced under the Baroody contract and it would be a year before the next set of stamps appeared.

Set of 3

SS: None
CTO: None
Plate Numbers: None
FDC: Two covers exist for each set. The first has three stamps are on one envelope, while the second cover only has the tete-bech pair of sttamps. The commemorative cancellation is in black and the cachet was prepared by the Baroody Stamp Company.


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