Gulf States Summit Conference

1966, 23 July

Printer: Harrison & Sons, Ltd., London
Designer: Unknown
Sheet size: 2 x 5 with 2 labels
Perforation: 15 x 14

The Gulf conference was held in Dubai on 7 July 1965, with the rulers of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Bahrain, Dubai, Fujairah, Qater, Ras al-Khaima, Sharjah and Umm al-Qiwain in attendance. The labels and colors are very attractive and combined with the stamps are undoubtedly the most beautiful issues of the country. The set was issued to commemorate the conference held the previous year.

The stamps were issued in miniature sheets of ten, with two horizontal se-tenant labels at the bottom of each sheet. This is the only use of "p" for the values (normally "np") and the one and one half rial is written "150p".

Because the sheets contain a small number of stamps and are small in size, collectors generally collect the entire sheets when possible. As a result, the sheets are not easy to find either mint, nor CTO'd, and have increased in value. Even the mint singles are commanding a higher price.

The color trials illustrated bedlow were purchased from Mr. Mosden who had obtained them from soneone in England. He had purchased at least two, possibly three, complete sets of sheets, but the other sheets had been cut into sets of singles, pairs, or blocks of four. I had originally purchased a set of singles and a set of the bottom block of four with the labels. A year later, while visiting him in Las Vegas, he showed me the set of complete sheets and when I indicated my interest in purchasing them, he said he would sell them to me only if I returned the bottom blocks of four with the labels that I had purchased a year earlier. I did so and was given credit towards the sheets.

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