Oil Exploration

1966, 2 July

"Land" series
Printer: Thomas De la Rue
Designer: Unknown
Sheet size: Unknown
Perforation: 14 and two souvenir sheets, one perforate and one imperforate

"Sea" series
Printer, Bradbury & Wilkerson
Designer: Unknown
Sheet size: Unknown
Perforation: 14 and one imperforate souvenir sheet

The Land Series

The Sea Series

This set actually consists of two different sets of stamp with each set having common elements to that set. The issue was divided into a "Land" series and a "Sea" series with each designed and printed by different printers.

The "Sea" set is by far the more attractive of the two, with attractive color combinations and designs.

All of the stamps have a different value and no value is repeated, with the exception of each series having a 50np value. If listed by denomination with the smallest first and the largest last, one would alternate the stamps from each set, with the exception of the 50np, as each series has one, and the last two values, which would be from the "Sea" series.

There are two souvenir sheet with the "Land" series and one with the "Sea" series.

CTO (Canceled To Order) stamps are know for the Sea Series and must exist for the Land Series as well. They have "JU", for June, in the cancelation.

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