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Hyde Park views and Obama

The majority of these photos were taken by me on November 6, 2008, when I walked to the shopping area east of me. The weather was overcast and dreary and the photos tend to all look alike.
The photos showing 50th St. were taken on November 7th when I went to the library.
Hyde Park is a beautiful area full of trees with lots of interesting people and buildings.
If you do not live through the experience you do not have any idea what happens when someone becomes the President-Elect. The security has been around his house for months but was certainly hiked up the evening he was elected.
In every instance where I thought there would be a problem taking a photograph, I asked the security at the site if I could take a photo. In every instance except one, they said I could.


Obama Celebration in Grant Park

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I created this page on November 6th and 7th, 2008 so I could send the photos and comments to friends. On November 9th, while at a function, people were approaching me, or had sent me emails that they enjoyed looking at it and had sent it on to others. I was surprised as these were people I had not sent the link to. Since at that time the page was not tied to my website, there would be no way of finding it if one had not been sent the link via an email. They indicated they had received it from a mutual friend. Because the link was being passed around, I tied it to my web site so everyone could look at it. Since then thousands of people have.
Prior to the 9th, I received an email from an individual in France asking if they could use two photos in the blues magazine they publish.
R. Howard Courtney
November 17, 2008

Election Night in Grant Park

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