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They are saying that about 200,000 - 250,000 people showed up for the event, but the mayor was always saying there would be a million. Most people I know said they did not want to get involved in a crowd like that and decided to stay home. Others were afraid that if Obama lost the crowd would go on a rampage. Others thought if he won they would go on a rampage. Neither happened and is was quiet and orderly at all times, other than cheering when predictions were made that he had taken a state. No alcohol was permitted and everyone was on their best behavior.
The police were fantastic and everything was highly organized. Near the end it was a sea of people no matter where you looked.

Hyde Park and the Obamas

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I created this page on November 5, 2008 so I could send the photos and comments to friends. On November 9th, while at a function, people were approaching me, or had sent me emails that they enjoyed looking at it and had sent it on to others. I was surprised as these were people I had not sent the link to. Since at that time the page was not tied to my website, there would be no way of finding it if one had not been sent the link via an email. They indicated they had received it from a mutual friend. Due to the interest, I tied it to my website and thousands of people have viewed the photos since then.
R. Howard Courtney
November 17, 2008

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