Kennedy - May 29 Overprint

1964, 15 September

Printer: Helio Elecronic Press
Designer: Paul Koroleff
Sheet Size: 10 x 10
Perf.: 12 and imperforate

This issue was prepared to help dispose of unsold quantities of stamps that remained from the original set issued on 15 January of the same year, and remainders of the New York World's Fair set, issued on 22 April of the same year. The three values of the original Kennedy set and the souvenir sheet, along with six stamps from the World's fair set and the souvenir sheet, were overprinted with two differing overprints designed by Archam Tcheterian. The three Kennedy stamps were overprinted with red on the low value and green on the remaining two higher values. The overprint was in blue and gold on the souvenir sheets. In a letter dated 1 May, 1964, Mr. Lorenzo, the Postmaster, authorized Mr. Stephan to prepare the above stamps. As it turned out, Mr. Lorenzo himself went to Beirut and controlled the overprinting. By this time Mr. Lorenzo was very much into creating oddities and errors, or at least assisting in the production of them, as untold varieties and quantities of such exist for this issue. This was certainly irregular as Mr. Lorenzo was the Postmaster for the government of Dubai, not an employee of the Dubai Philatelic Agency, nor the Baroody Stamp Company.

The Kennedy set is found in two different printings. The only difference in the stamps appears to be the perforation guidelines printed in the margins. They do not exist in the first printing. This is the opposite of the 22 NOVEMBER stamp as the perforation guidelines existed only in the first of three printings. No other difference has been detected in the two printings. The shade varieties in the colors, especialy the gray, cannot with any certainty be assigned to any one printing. In a letter of 20 May, 1964, Mr. Lorenzo set the release date as 29 May for the three overprinted Kennedy stamps and souvenir sheet, but failed to mention the overprinted World's Fair stamps and souvenir sheet. Due to illness and his entering the hospital in Beirut a short time later, Mr. Stephan had to deal with the numerous new issues and the selling of the contracts he, Mr. Stephan, had for the stamps of Ajman, Fujeira and Um al-Qiwain. As a result, the overprinted World's Fair stamps and SS were never issued but remained in the possession of of Mr. Stephan until 1997 when he began to sell them. Essays for the three issued Kennedy stamp exist for this set with slightly different colors for the basic stamps and totally different centers, in a variety of colors.

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Set of 3 and 1 SS

SS: One sheet with an overprint
CTO: None
Plate Numbers: None
FDC: Three covers exist, one for the perforated stamps, one for the imperforated and one for the souvenir sheet. A black commemorative cancellation was used and the cachet was printed by the Baroody Stamp Company.


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