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Second Definitives - Pictorials

1964, 10 May

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer: Paul Koroleff
Sheet Size: 3 x 10
Perf: 12

At times one finds this issue referred to as a definitive set and at others, a pictorial issue. While it does not have as many values as the first definitive set, it does contain the first 5R value since then, and like the first definitives, is the only other set to date, to portray Sheikh Rashid on all values. In his "List of Dubai Emissions..." (See appendix A), Mr. Stephan referred to it as 2nd Definitives - 8 values. On a price list from 1970, Mr. Mosden refers to them as "New Ordinary Pictorals" and "New Airmail Pictorals". When the final definitive set was released in two parts in 1970 and 1971, that set was referred to as the fifth definitive set, which makes this the second.

The set consists of four regular postage stamps and four airmail stamps, each portraying the ruler in front of the Dubai flag and a scene of Dubai from the air.

Mr. Stephan stated originally that the printer had kept several sheets of the stamps with the original gutters between the denominations and that they were very scarce. He stated there were less than thirty pairs in existance. In a later letter when describing the miniature sheets that are illustrated under the sets for Freedom for Hunger, Malaria and the Boy Scouts, he stated he was contacted by a neighbor in Beirut who had been a shareholder in the Helio Electronic Press. The man had a quantity of items, including many of the second definitives he wanted to sell to Mr. Stephan. In the lot, there were some sheets with the original gutter between the denominations. Mr. Stephan claimed that that was his source of the ones in his possession.

The configuration of the original sheets were as follows, before they were cut into the individual denominations:

The set was not issued imperforate, but most of the stamps can be found imperforate as a sheet or two of most, if not all values were not perforated and sold through the Dubai Philatelic Agency. "Errors" were created and sold by Mr. Stephan and Mr. Mosden. No genuine errors exist for this issue.

Set of 8

SS: None
CTO: None
Plate Numbers: None
FDC: Two covers exist with the postage values on one and the airmails on the other. The cancellation is a non-commemorative cancellation, as is usual for definitive issues. The cachet, which is the most attractive of all the Dubai cachets, was prepared by the Baroody Stamp Company.





Created Errors


29 May - Kennedy May 29 Overprint and Unissued Overprints

30 April - Human Rights

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