Human Rights

1964, 30 April

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer: Paul Koroleff
Sheet size ? x 10
Perf.: 12

As did many of the nations of the world, Dubai issued a set of stamps and a single souvenir sheet commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights. The stamps and souvenir sheet each portray the Flame of Freedom and the Scales of Justice. The flame is reversed in all stamps in row six (horizontally, counting from the top) of each sheet. This is a constant variety. Since Mr. Stephan may have reprinted this issue, no accurate figure is available of how many of the normal stamps or the reversed flame stamps actually exist. Mr. Mosden stated that the reversed flame was done intentionally, to create a variety to sell. Used copies of the reversed flame are seldom seen. The reason probably being that most of the stamps went to collectors and were not available in the Post Office.

Set of 3 and a SS

SS: 1 imperforate sheet exists, portraing the 3R value.
CTO: None
Plate Number: None
FDC: Two covers exist, one for the set of three stamps and one for the SS, each with the same black commemorative cancellation. The cacheted envelope was prepared by the Baroody Stamp Company.


10 May - Second Definitives - Pictorals

22 April - New York World's Fair

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