New York World's Fair

1964, 22 April

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer: Paul Koroleff
Sheet Size: 10 x 10
Perf.: 12 and imperf. plus
an imperf. SS


Imperforated Varieties

It is common to see the stamps from this set both perforated and imperforate offered with missing centers, or misplaced centers. They are generally described as "errors", "proofs", or some other philatelic term, implying they are scarce.

All of these varieties were created for the philatelic market. Some of the varieties are difficult to locate and even after twenty years of looking for material like this I would find items I had never seen, nor heard of previously. The imperforated varieties are more common than the perforated. ALso, most of the offerings are for margin singles or pairs of these stamps. Blocks of four and larger panes are seldom offered.

Perforated Varieties

30 April - Human Rights

19 February - Innsbruck Olympic Overprint

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