60th Anniversary of Postal Services

1969, 12 February

Printer: Format International Security Printers
Designer: Victor Whiteley
Sheet Size:
Perf.: 13 1/2
Booklet for the Occasion

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Dubai postal services, the government issued a set of six stamps and a souvenir sheet. Additionally they comissioned a Twenty-two page booklet for the event. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to view the booklet.

It is somewhat of a shock to read the introduction, in view of what Dubai is today. In the introduction it states, "The following brief survey of the State of Dubai and its postal and philatelic services, both past and present, has been produced to provide further information to philatelists about this still little kown state and to commemorate its sixty years of postal services, from 1909 to 1969." It mentions that the country is poor in natural resources but that recent off-shore drilling has indicated the presence of oil.

The booklet states the country name is pronounced "Dew bay". Mr. Mosden pronounced it that way, but others pronounce it "Dew bye ee". When asked about the correct pronounciation Mr. Mosden said either is correct and used.

Three of the stamps portray the ships that used to transport mail and three of the airplanes used for the same purpose. The souvenir sheet portrays a modern ship and a modern airplane.

12 February - 60th Anniversary of Postal Service Booklet


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