Tokyo Olympics

1964, 10 October

Printer: Harrison and Sons
Designer: Unknown
Sheet Size 5 x 5

This set, along with the November 25, 1964 Educational Progress set, were released during the time of the Baroody contract, but were not prepared by them. The stamps were printed in England by Harrison & Sons, a well-known security printer. Subsequently, there are no known errors, nor created errors.

There does exist one variety with the gymnist appearing slightly double, due to a slight shift in the alignment of the colors and image.

This is the first commemorative issue to portray the ruler and the stamps are also the largest produced for Dubai. Two of the eight images are repeated in the two high values - the 40np has the same image as the 5np and the 1R the same as the 10np.

Mr. Stephan would not provide any information regarding who was responsible for them, nor even talk about the issue.

These first day covers were a surprise to me as I had never seen them previously. Mr. Stephan sold them to me at the time I purchased the Educational Progress covers. They are probably not that plentiful as one must realize that the production of these two sets of stamps were out of the hands of the Baroody Stamp Company. Therefore, there was not the opportunity for them to create errors and varieties. They had to purchase any of the stamps they wanted from the Post Office and that could prove expensive if they did not sell.

24 October - 19th Anniversary of the United Nations Organization

1 October - Anti-Tuberculose Overprint

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