19th Anniversary of the United Nations Organization

1964, 24 October

Printer: Helio Electronic Press
Designer. Archam Tcheterian
Sheet size: 10 x 5
Perf.: 12

To commemorate the 19th Anniversary of the United Nations Organization, ten thousand sets (200 sheets) of each value of the Freedom from Hunger stamps were overprinted in black, "19th ANNIVERSARY OF UNO", in both Arabic and English. Mr. Mosden claims that he and his uncle Rahman Darwish purchased with cash this set, the Space Achievements Surcharge and the Kennedy 22 NOVEMBER issues in their entirety, but did leave a few sheets in the Post Office. He also claimed they paid a fee to a government official for the opportunity to purchase them. Mr. Stephan denies this occurred as it "would have been a violation" of their contract with the Dubai Government. There are two consistant varieties of the overprint in every sheet of every value. These were not intentionally created. They were recognized immediately and for years have been offered in blocks of four or panes of six. Stamps number 19 has part of the English "H" of "19TH", and part of the last "R" and all of the last "I" of "ANNIVERSARY" missing. The left leg of the first "A" is also shorter. The second constant variety, found on stamp number 36 has the "I" of "19TH" shifted slightly down and out of alignment with the other characters and the top is missing. Several other stamps have minor variations such as shortened legs of some letters, but these are insignificant. After the overprint was applied one sheet of the 40np value was found with a double transfer (Slight doubling) of the stamps in the upper two rows, with it being more pronounced in the top-most row, and more so when moving from stamp 10, left, to stamp 1. Since this affected stamps 1 through 20, the first variety of the overprint mentioned above is found on this pane. This set only consists of the four stamps and there are no souvenir sheets, even though the original set consisted of the stamps and four SSs.

Set of 4

SS: None
CTO: None
Plate Numbers: None
FDC: One cover with the four stamps, with a purple commemorative cancellation. The cacheted envelope was prepared by the Baroody Stamp Company.


22 November - Kennedy - "22 NOVEMBER"

10 October - Tokyo Olympics

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