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The Post Office Department has produced numerous space theme machine postmarks. Often the subtle differences between some of them go unnoticed by most people. Hopefully, most of them have been listed below.
Only postmarks seen on "space covers" with a space theme, or mentioning the word space, are illustrated below. This is not an attempt to list all known postal markings from the various sites.
Bear in mind that these were used on all mail at the time, not just for one occasion. Therefore, it is possible to find them on envelopes of regular mail.
Often individuals, dealers, or stamp clubs would design a cachet and print envelopes to obtain copies of some of these postmarks. I have illustrated some of these covers with the various cachets below.

IMPORTANT:  The Wapakoneta, Ohio slogan was only used for the dates listed and the first day of use of the KSC Space Shuttle is accurate. I believe, but am not certain, that they were used for six months before being withdrawn. If you can provide more accurate information on the dates of use of the other postmarks please contact the editor (R. Howard Courtney), at rhcourtney33 at gmail.

Many of the year dates for these postmarks will eventually be changed as collectors look for them and share information. While the dates may change, it is important to list them now to share what is known to exist.

Akron, Ohio

Beaufort, North Carolina

Bellwood, Illinois

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Columbus, Ohio

Copernicus (The subject)

Downey, California

Greenbelt, Maryland


Hampton, Virginia

Hampton-Newport News, Virginia

Hampton Roads, Virginia

Jackson, Michigan

Kennedy Space Center, Florida



Long Beach, California

Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama

New Concord, Ohio


New York, New York

Norfolk, Virginia

Oradell, New Jersey


Pasadena, California

San Francisco, California

Satellite Beach, Florida

Seattle, Washington

Shawnee, Oklahoma

Titusville, Florida

U.S.S. Vanguard (T-AGM 19)

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Wapakoneta, Ohio

​Washington, D.C.

​White Sands Missle Range, New Mexico

Space Meters

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