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Problem Envelopes

The following envelopes are not easy to group with others, or are items that I do not completely understand their intended design.

The Swatsika is an American Indian good luck symbol - April 4, 1928.

Unusual design with red stripes and image - March 15, 19??.

Unusual red only lines and "AIR MAIL" - July 25, 1945.

February 4, 1948

February 1, 1927

Red and blue stripes of the word "AIRMAIL" - May 31, 1926.

The date is stamped on the reverse of the envelope several times - February 21, 1955.

August 18, 1959

This appears to be a private envelope prepared for the Jens-Marie Hotel in Rock City, OK. The date is unclear, but it appears to be ?, 14, 1928 or 29.

This is a very unusual and awkward design - February 22, 1932.


This appears to be an American Legion envelope - May 6, 1932.

This is a FDC but the envelope has been seen used as regular mail - September 26, 1932.

This design had the red airplane and "Air Mail" applied to it at the same time. I have also seen this design with a green plane applied to it. Below is an envelope envelope with a green plane, and return address, with "Air Mail" in green and also a different design envelope with the airplane and "Air Mail" the color of the plane - September 23, 1930.

February 5, 1930

VIA U.S. AIR MAIL" in red - August 1, 1928. This is the second envelope illustrated here with "U.S." included in the script.


Lines appear printed on the envelope, but "Via Air Mail" was typed. September 22, 1928.

This envelope states it is "Airmail from the Home of Lincoln" (Springfield, IL) and most likely was sold in the shop at the site, or elsewhere in Springfield. It has a strange and awkward layout and is probably the least attractive of all of the illustrations on this page - July 26, 1932.

This cover was designed during the period of WWII and was used on this First Day Cover. I do not know if it was used for regular mail, but am including it for now - March 21, 1944.

Another Patriotic Cover used during WWII - ? 10, 1944.

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