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November 5, 19?? - A homemade Air Mail design.

May 1, 1928 - Note that there is half of a 20 cent airmail stamp on the cover, in an attempt to pay ten cents. On the back of the envelope is written "The stamp (20c) cut in half is not good for postage. Please send me 10c for stamp placed on letter." It is signed. A.S. McGraw, Supt. of Mails, Mobile, Ala. The lines and text are done in ink.

June 17, 1929

May 12, 1932 - The person used the colors red and blue, in addition to writing "AIR MAIL" on the envelope.

February 3, 1945

July 4, 1934 - Portions of the red and blue design from another envelope was glued to the page to indicate this was an airmail envelope. 

February 16, 1937 - A portion of an envelope with the red and blue stripes around the edges was addd to this First Day Cover, that already had "Via Air Mail" printed on it. 

May 18, 1938 - Made with a typewriter.

February 21, 1928 - Lindbergh flies again.

March 11, 1933

May 21, 1940 - This person imitated the red and blue stripes that were common at the time. See the page of just red and blue stripes for printed illustrations.

May 12, 1928

December 17, 1953 - Homemade envelope with sticker.

November 17, 19?3 - Blue and red edge.

December 15, 1962

1985 - Perhaps the person wanted to stress that this was "America's Store", as well as this being an air mail envelope.

January 20, 1949 - A rather unusual postcard inscription, used after the rate changed.

October 29, 1943 (?)

May 19, 1938

August 12, 1933 - This cover was most likely created for some aviation event, due to the elaborate rubber stamps.

No date on cover - Date possibly on the back but not available to me. This is unusual in that it was originally a government envelope from the War Department. The person made the air mail design around the envelope and put a stamp on it over the penalty statement in the upper right corner.


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