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Red and Blue Striped Edges

January 25, 1945 - Government V-Mail envelope.

October 10, 1929

September 1, 1929

August 2, 1931 - The artwork in the corners looks like spider webs.

July 25, 1932 - This is the earlier five cent airmail rate on a U.S. government embossed, stamped envelope. The cover on the left was upgrated to the then current eight cent rate. The envelope was later released with an eight cent rate.

July 7, 1947 - The design is only at the top and the right side of the envelope, with no text.

July 25, 1949 - The red and blue stripes are actually wings.


June 8, 1931 - While this looks like the most common design found for airmail envelopes, this one is shorter than normal and the text on the back reads, "Made By A.C. Roessler, East Orange, N.J.". This is not a design most collectors associate with A.C. Roessler, the famous cachet and envelope designer.

November 11, 1932 - Blue "VIA AIR MAIl."

April 30, 1932 - Red "VIA AIR MAIL" with the red and blue in different sequences from the above cover, plus the red in the bottom right corner is different.

March 6, 1932 - On this envelope the diagonals are completely around the cover and are in the opposite direction, plus there is a slash across the top right and lower left corners.

May 20, 1938 - Note the notches in the red and blue in the upper right and lower left corners.

May 2, 1934 - The design is continuous around the edge of the envelope and is also on the back.

May 6, 1957 - The "VIA AIR MAIL" is lower on the envelope.

June 14, 1932 - The design goes all around this envelope and is the same on the back, plus there is a return address area. The text on the back reads, "This envelope approved by the U.S. Post Office Dept., for AIR MAIL ONLY. Use for other purposes not permitted." and "Designed by Bem Dahlke, Buffalo, N.Y".

Date is unreadable.

1928, date unreadable - Rio Motor Car Company envelope with nice air mail image. I believe they image was printed at the same time as the Rio Motor Car corner card.

August 1, 1931 - Larger size envelope.

January 23, 1933

October 31, 1943

August 23, 193?

January 13, 1946 - Winged shield with "AIR MAIL", "VIA" is in the top portion of the shield.


October 12, 1937

June 28, 1950

February 2, 1931 - The box for the stamp it not totally visible but the part that is states, "Rate of Postage . . .". The text on the back of the envelope reads, "Design RD 1929 B.-E. Ltd."

June 11, 1939 - The "VIA AIR MAIL" placed under the stamp area.

August 1, 1957 - Similar to the above design, but without the return address and the addition of "VIA AIR MAIL" in three languages.

October 15, 1950 - What one often misses is that the pointed red marks are only at the four centers of each side and the four pointed blue marks are only in the corners.

October 10, 1938 - The envelope is quite similar to the one above, but there are differences.

August 19, 1930 - The design is very elemental. The back of the envelope has rows of squares around all edges.

July 1, 1941 - There is no visible "Air Mail" on the envelope as it is most likely covered by the two stamps, but the edge design designates it as airmail. The designs were used to make it easier to sort the airmails from the regular mail.

October 21, 1955

January 15, 1966 - Between the winged image the "Via Air Mail" is in English, Spanish and French.

1978 - Date unreadable

August 1, 1948

January 19, 1950 - This envelope has Via Air Mail, or Air Mail, in numerous languages around the edge.

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