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Red and Blue Stripes - Diagonally and Vertically

See links at bottom to the two pages of horizontal stripes.

Diagonal Stripes

Stripes in all four corners

Stripes in upper left and lower right corners

Stripes in Upper Right and Lower Left corners

Stripes in bottom left corner

Stripes in bottom right Corner

Stripes in upper left corner


Vertical stripes

Red and Blue Horizontal Stripes - Blue Text

Red and Blue Striped Envelopes - Red Text

Red and Blue Striped Edges

Special Event and Airline Envelopes

Trans-Pacific Envelopes

Problem Envelopes

Air Mail Etiquettes

Homemade Airmail Envelopes

Interesting Foreign Envelopes

Frames Around Edges

Airmail Envelopes

More Airmail Envelopes